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The Benefits of Specialized, Holistic Treatment At Womens Rehab Centers

February 14, 2015

Drug and alcohol dependency is not limited to men -- the emerging number of womens rehab centers across the US testifies to this fact.

Womens rehab centers are an effort to help women get specialized treatment if they have fallen prey to chemical dependency and want to start down the path away from addiction and towards recovery.

Womens-only treatment centers have programs designed for women's specific needs. Like all treatment programs, they have the standard features meant to help women recover (such as detoxification to flush substances out of the body) and eventually allow them to overcome substance dependence. However, they do not stop there.

Besides aiming to help physiological healing, womens rehab centers feature programs aimed at helping guests get better both emotionally and spiritually. These sessions, which range from experiential therapies like equine therapy to yoga and meditation to spiritual groups, help women focus on getting in touch with their spiritual side -- something they might have lost while struggling with addiction.

Change of environment is key to womens recovery from addiction.

Many cases of female chemical dependency are traced back to emotional triggers, like a past conflict or traumatic event. This is particularly evident for women who have a dual diagnosis, such as when they suffer from mental conditions like anxiety or depression that overlap with their addiction.

A womens-only rehab lets women stay in a place which is actually conducive to healing. Not only does this help them get past their addiction, but it also addresses emotional issues. This holistic approach lets women achieve a healthy sense of wholeness which prevents further relapse and chemical dependency.

How New Directions for Women Helps

At New Directions for Women, we take a holistic approach to rehab, offering services that include yoga, experiential therapy, gardening, art, physical exercise, and psychodrama in addition to traditional group and individual therapies.

Our experiential therapies include a wide variety of opportunities -- notably hiking, rock climbing, and equine therapy -- in order to challenge clients' personal limits and give them an experiential avenue towards growth and healing. Our equine therapy program is particularly popular.

This consists of grooming the horse, leading it, and then guiding it through obstacles. We find that working around horses elicits a range of reactions in clients (some joyful, some fearful, many in between) which we then discuss and review in groups.

This gives patients a new and different way to connect with their own feelings, allowing them to become better aware of their communication abilities and improve them. As a Twelve Steps based program, treatment includes Twelve Steps meetings as well.

Thanks to more than 33 years of experience helping treat women as well as their families, we've successfully applied the Twelve Steps foundation to address our clients needs of the body, spirit, and mind.

We understand that chronic drug or alcohol dependency takes a much heavier toll, physically speaking, on women than it does on men. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, or NIAA, addiction-related medical problems (like brain, liver, and heart damage) progress far faster for women than they do for men.

This means that the sooner you or the woman you love gets help, the better.

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When is Rehab Necessary?

a forever recoveryThere's no question that eventually in our lives, we will be flagged by an individual getting drugs or alcoholic beverages either at the workplace, institution, or while out with friends. However, many individuals take the bait, and what complies with is a dependence that entirely transforms their lives upside-down. In fact, 23 million Americans struggle with addiction, and according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, alcohol and drug obsession costs over $41 billion each year. Perhaps the most uncomfortable news is the fact that many people are uninformed that they have a trouble with drugs or liquor and many don't believe they could be aided. Nevertheless, there are a number of programs which are confirmed to work for those with an addiction. Rehab centers are designed to assist folks with obsessions to establish just what lead them to it and the best ways to appropriately acquire clean and remain tidy. If you or an enjoyed one has a drug or alcoholism, read on to figure out just how rehabilitation could assist.

a forever recovery

When to Seek Aid

The latest data show that simply 1 in 10 people with a medicine or liquor issues actually get help. This is due a combo of factors that include: not knowing that aid is required and not thinking that procedure could work.

Not believing that assistance is required is a common concern impacting a large percentage of people with dependency. Considering that they are unaware of the indication of a dependency, they normally count on get help once the addiction has triggered health concerns or other issues. If you're unsure if you or a loved one has a trouble with drugs or liquor, have a look at these advising indicators:.

Stealing to purchase drugs or alcohol.
Offering valuable household heirlooms or various other items of emotional value to acquire drugs or drink.
Lying to family and friends about liquor or substance abuse.
Should use medicines or drink in order to relax, relax or really feel regular.
Attempting to quit drinking or utilizing drugs, yet regression takes place.
If you recognize several of the complying with indicators, you or your loved one can have a drug or alcoholism.

The 2nd most common reason folks with dependency do not obtain the aid they need, is since they feel they could not be helped. This typically comes about after the person has actually tried many times to quit drinking or utilizing drugs themselves, but was unsuccessful. It is perfectly regular after having a relapse, to feel dismayed or inhibited; nonetheless, it isn't uncommon to be not successful when attempting to quit an obsession alone. It's highly suggested for anyone with a medicine or alcoholic beverages addiction to find expert aid from an inpatient drug or liquor rehab treatment center.

Alcohol and drug Rehab.

Contrary to public opinion, an alcohol and drug rehab facility is not a jail for those with medicine or alcohol addiction. Individuals who check out inpatient rehab centers are not being 'punished' for their dependence, they are being helped. Rehab treatment centers offer organized therapy strategies to those which wish to become clean and sober.

These facilities frequently have on-staff dependence professionals and counselors. They collaborate with the residents to establish exactly what created the addiction, exactly how to cope with causes, and exactly what approach will function best to achieve an alcohol and drug free of cost way of life. Patients who would rather collaborate with others, there are rehab treatment facilities that supply group therapy. In these facilities, locals still obtain one-on-one support, but the procedure integrates group therapy and tasks.

a forever recovery

The size of remain depends on numerous aspects which include, yet are not restricted to:.

Duration of the dependence.
The intensity of the obsession.
Severity of drawback symptoms.
Treatment options are reviewed when an analysis is given up relation to the above 3 items. Therapy could include a mix of therapy and way of life changes. Sometimes, individuals go back to the rehab procedure facility as a part of ongoing treatment. Therapy terms can be anywhere from 30 days to 1 year relying on the above variables and exactly how well the individual proceeds via the various stages of procedure.

Treatment could likewise differ depending on whether any other disorders already existing. According to addiction experts, almost HALF of those with severe mental disorders are influenced by substance abuse. This is typically because folks with mental disorders such as depression and anxiousness usage drugs or drink to get rid of symptoms. If a mental problem is present, rehab treatment could include managing the mental disorder as well.

a forever recovery

Getting assistance is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of, and expert help is a big come in the best instructions. If you're uneasy concerning examining into an inpatient drug or alcoholic beverages rehabilitation procedure facility, speak to a rehab professional one-on-one. Anything you share in your consultation is confidential and will only be used to help you in obtaining the best therapy alternatives. Talk to a rehabilitation treatment professional today and be on your method to a drug and alcohol-free life.